US Studies Programme

M.A. Courses

IS 513N Government and Politics of the U.S.A.: K.P. Vijayalakshmi 

IS 572N Foreign Policy of the United States since the Second World War: Prof.Chintamani Mahapatra

IS 598 N Introduction to American Society: Dr. Saumyajit Ray

M.Phil Courses

AW 602 Themes in Contemporary American History: K.P. Vijayalakshmi 

AW 617 Executive, Congress and Foreign Policy: K.P. Viiayalakshmi

AW 628 American National Security Policy & Process: Prof.Chintamani Mahapatra 

AW 652 US Policy towards the Asia-Pacific Region: Chintamani Mahapatra 

AW 653 Society and Culture in the United States: Dr. Saumyajit Ray 

AW 654 The Dynamics of American Society: Dr. Saumyajit Ray 

AW 655 Research Methodology: Dr. Saumyajit Ray 


Latin American Studies Programme

M.A. Courses

IA 507 Political Economy of Latin America

IS 574N Foreign Policies of Major Latin American Countries: Dr.Priti Singh

M.Phil Courses

AW606 A Survey of Latin American History: Dr. Priti Singh

AW604 Government & Politics in Latin America: Dr.Aprajita Kashyap

AW605 Contemporary Economic Problems of Latin America

AW646 Process of Political and Economic Restructuring in Latin America: Dr.Aprajita Kashyap

AW645 US Economic Policy Towards Latin America

AW614 Brazil Since 1930s

AW630 Mexico Since 1910


Other Course Offerings

AW618 Portuguese Language

AW621 Latin American Society and Politics

AW622 Social Political Structure of Latin America

AW625 Seminar on Latin America

AW629 Contemporary History of Chile

AW642 History of Argentina-(1516-1994)


Canadian Studies Programme

Elective course at the M.A Course

IS 585 N Canada in World Affairs: Dr. Aprajita Kashyap

M.Phil Courses

AW-648 Foreign Policy of Canada: Dr. Aprajita Kashyap

AW-649 Government and Politics in Canada: Dr.Aprajita Kashyap

AW-650 Multiculturalism, Indigenism and Diasporic Aspects of Canadian Society: Dr. Priti Singh

AW-651 Political Economy of Canada: Dr.Priti Singh

AW-623 Research Methodology