Career Opportunities in Mathematics at SPS


We are a small group of mathematicians with research interests in Algebraic and Analytic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Elliptic Curves, Dynamical Systems, Probability theory on Lie Groups, Number Theory and Operator Algebras.

We currently have a doctoral programme in Mathematics. Once we have sufficient strength we plan to start a Masters programme as well. We are actively inviting faculty applications in all major branches of mathematics. The official job advertisement can be found here. If interested you can also contact one of us by email.

Faculty positions are regularly advertised through national newspapers and also on JNU's website.


We do not have funds to host visitors at present.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Candidates with research interests similar to those of the Maths faculty at SPS, JNU and possessing external postdoctoral fellowships like the ones provided by NBHM, DST, INSPIRE, D.S. Kothari and others are encouraged to apply for a postdoctoral position at SPS, JNU. If interested, please write to the Dean, SPS or one of us depending upon your research interest.

Research Scholars

A candidate has to write an entrance exam which is then followed by an interview.

The details for admission to a Ph.D. programme can be found on the Admissions page on JNU's website.