Mathematics Faculty at SPS



Amala Bhave
Assistant Professor
No : 106
Email : abhave@mail.jnu.ac.in
Homepage: JNU official webpage

Ph.D., Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, 2007
Areas of Interest: 
Algebra, Number Theory, Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms                                                                                   

Ved Prakash Gupta
Assistant Professor                                         
No : 108
Email : vedgupta@mail.jnu.ac.in,     ved.math@gmail.com
Homepage: https://jnu.ac.in/content/vedgupta
Personal webpage: http://www.jnu.ac.in/Faculty/vedgupta

Ph.D., The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, 2008
Areas of Interest: 
Operator Algebras: Planar algebras, Subfactors, Operator Spaces, Operator Systems                                        

Riddhi Shah
No : 114
Email : rshah@mail.jnu.ac.in
Homepage: JNU official webpage

Ph.D., Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, 1992

Areas of Interest: 
Lie Groups and Probability (Real and p-
adic Lie Groups, Infinitely Divisible Measures, Embedding Problem, Uniqueness of Embedding, Central Limit Problem, Semistability, Concentration Functions, Self-Decomposability, Contractible Measures), Fourier Analysis on Non-Commutative Groups, Algebraic Groups over Local Fields, Dynamical Systems, Distal Groups and Ergodic Theory

Manoj Verma
Assistant Professor 
Room No 100A
Homepage: JNU official webpage

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, USA, May 2013
Areas of Interest: 
Analytic Number Theory

Visiting Faculty

Gaurav Bhatnagar 
Visiting Faculty;
Room No :
Email : bhatnagarg@gmail.com
Home Page : https://www.gbhatnagar.com

Special Functions and Number Theory Seminar: https://sf-and-nt.blogspot.com   

PhD, The Ohio State University, USA, 1995
Areas of Interest: 
Special functions, continued fractions, elementary number theory
Former faculty in Mathematics

Vijay Patankar
Associate Professor, 2014- 2019 
No : 216
Email : vmpatankar@mail.jnu.ac.in,    vijaypatankar@gmail.com 
JNU official webpage

Personal webpage: www.vijaympatankar.weebly.com   

Ph.D., University of Toronto, Toronto, 2005
Areas of Interest: 
Number Theory: Iwasawa Theory, Galois Representations, Abelian Varieties, Certain aspects of Algebraic Complexity Theory, Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Stephan Baier

Professor, 2016 - 2017
Areas of Interest: Analytic Number Theory

Somnath Jha
Assistant Professor, 2014 - 2015
Areas of Interest: Number Theory