Post-doctoral fellows and short term visitors with external funding are welcome to apply. Please write to Prof. Riddhi Shah at 


Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, Visiting Faculty.
Areas of Interest: Special functions, continued fractions, elementary number theory


Past Visitors


Dr. Tali Pinsky, Visiting Fellow, TIFR, Mumbai
March 20, 2017
Areas of Interest: Low dimensional Topology and Dynamical Systems



Dr. Sebastien Palcoux, Postdoctoral Fellow, IMSc, Chennai 
September 20-23, 2016
Areas of Interest: Operator Algebras, Subfactors, Planar Algebras 


Prof. Easwara Senapathi Rao, Professor, TIFR, Mumbai 
March 14-15, 2016
Areas of Interest: Representation Theory, Infinite dimensional Lie algebras 


Prof. Anish Ghosh, Professor, TIFR, Mumbai 
February 25-26, 2016
Areas of Interest: Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Number Theory 


Prof. Fabien Trihan Professor, Department of Information and Communication Sciences Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan 
February 22-26, 2016
Areas of Interest: Number Theory 


Ms. Sonica Anand, Senior Research Fellow, IISER Mohali, Chandigarh 
August 21-22, 2015
Areas of Interest: Algebraic Geometry 


Prof. Stephan Baier, Visiting Professor, TIFR, Mumbai and HRI, Allahabad 
August 9-15, 2015
Areas of Interest: Analytic Number Theory 


Dr. Sharan Gopal, Postdoctoral Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore 
April 07-10, 2015
Areas of Interest: Dynamical Systems 


Dr. Dipramit Majumdar , IISER Pune 
December 1-5, 2014 
Areas of Interest: Algebraic Number Theory


Dr. Sutanu Roy , Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata 
October 13-17, 2014
Areas of Interest: Quantum Groups 


Prof. François Labourie, Université Paris-Sud 
Januray - December, 2013 
Areas of Interest: Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Hyperbolic Geometry, Topological and Lie Groups 


Prof. Indira Chatterji, Université d'Orléans 
Januray - December, 2013 
Areas of Interest: Geometric Group Theory, Topological and Lie Groups


Dr. Krishnan Rajkumar 
May, 2013 
Areas of Interest: Number Theory - Analytic and Transcendental, Fourier Analysis, Cryptography


Dr. M. Sundari , Chennai Mathematical Institute 
August - December, 2012 
Areas of Interest: Harmonic Analysis 


Dr. Abhik Ganguli
February - March, 2012 
Areas of Interest: Number Theory