Mathematics Programmes at SPS

We are a small group of mathematicians and are part of the School of Physical Sciences, JNU. Our areas of interest are mainly Algebraic and Analytic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Elliptic Curves, Dynamical Systems, Probability theory on Lie Groups, Number Theory and Operator Algebras.

IIT-Delhi and ISI-Delhi Centre are about 2kms from JNU. University of Delhi (south campus) is also not too far. We often have joint seminars. JNU Mathematics students are encouraged to attend courses at these neighbouring institutions.

We currently have a doctoral and a Masters programme programme in Mathematics. We are actively inviting faculty applications in all major branches of Mathematics. The official job advertisement can be found here. If interested you can also contact one of us by email.

JNU is a central university established in 1969 by an act of the parliament. It is located in South Delhi and has a beautiful green campus with large patches of shrubs and forestland. The JNU ridge is home to over 200 species of birds and other wildlife such as, Nilgai, Indian Crested Porcupines, Common Palm Civet, jackals, mongoose, peacocks as well as a large number of snakes. More information can be found at the JNU's wikipedia page.

School of Physical Sciences