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The School of Environmental Sciences was established in the year 1974. The academic programme of the School has been periodically reviewed, revised and updated, keeping in mind the need for sharper focussing, the available expertise at any given time, and the changes desired in curriculum of individual courses or specific programmes.

The school has started its M.Sc degree programme firstly in 1976. It was discontinued for some time to allow some major revision. It has restarted in 1987, and it is being conducted successfully since then. However, in the light of the dynamic nature of the discipline besides its tremendous growth in many of its sub-disciplines, the programme has been revised once again in 2009 and is being offered from the academic year 2010-11. Syllabus (M.Sc.).


The M.Phil./Ph.D. programme started since 1975 has also undergone periodic changes in the curriculum. Indeed the School was the first to start M.Sc./M.Phil. programme in Environmental Sciences in the country.Syllabus (M.phil).

The School has diversified interest in various earth, atmospheric and biological processes. Linkages between Ecological and Social processes give an additional dimension to School's interest, making the work relevant. Therefore, the curriculum has components of disciplinary areas such as physical sciences, earth and atmospheric sciences, environmental biology, and environmental monitoring and management. With such a high level of diverse research interests, over 100 students have so far successfully completed their Ph.D. programme in different aspects of Environmental Sciences.