M.Sc. Laboratory


Various instrumental facility available inside the M.Sc. Laboratory related with all the Areas. It is a sophisticated, well equipped and air conditioned laboratory where more than forty students can experiment simultaneously. There are numbers of instruments available in the laboratory which is listed here:


1.UV spectrophotometer : Double beam OD measurement
2.Magnetic stirrer
3.Multi-parameter: 6 parameters namely pH, TDS, ORP, Salinity, Temp , millivolt.
4.Hot air oven and Digital oven
5.Rotary flask shaker
6.UV transilluminator
7.Dual Orbitex shaker with compressor (temp driven)
8.Water bath
9.Muffle furnace
10.Micro centrifuge
12.Quartz distillation unit
13.Laminar flow Centrifuge
14.Dust assembler
15.Autoclaves : steam sterilization