Area III-research

AREA III A wide range of studies related to environmental pollution, their impact on biota and the ecology of fresh waters and wetlands constitute the thrust of this Area. Monitoring and assessment of water pollution, particularly from sewage, pesticides, and industrial effluents in rivers, reservoirs and shallow water bodies, have been investigated in detail. Further, comprehensive studies on aquatic ecosystems, including different kinds of wetlands, have covered the ecology of wetland vegetation, benthos and plankton, and their implications for wetland management. Studies on chemical speciation of heavy metals and distribution of PAH in aquatic environment have particular relevance to their effects on plants and animals. The effects of sewage and sludge disposal, mine spoils and fly ash on soils characteristics as well as their effects on plants, and solid waste management are other major fields of concerns in this area. Currently there is also interest in monitoring of indoor and outdoor air pollution to assess occupational exposures.

Area III Faculty

Prof. P.S.  Khillare

Prof. Umesh  Kulshrestha

Prof. Dinesh  Mohan - Convener

Dr. Jayant Kumar  Tripathi

Dr. Sudesh  Yadav