Area II-research

AREA II Research activities in this area have been focussing on two distinct approaches: a) understanding the present day geological and geo chemical processes in the terrestrial as well as aquatic environment, and b) origin of South Indian crust based on a variety of analytical tool, including geo chemical and geo chronological. As part of an all India coordinated project, one of the studies looks at certain aspects of sea level changes along the east and west coasts of India. Data-base includes historical as well as present-day observations at the selected sites, using a variety of key parameters such as sediment movement, etc. Many studies deal with a number of topics of relevance to environmental geochemistry and biogeo-chemical processes at various time scale from present to Holocene times. Important studies deal with F-problemsin Rajasthan, heavy metal pollution in the Yamuna basin and an Environmental Information System (ENVIS)in Biogeochemistry. A variety of tools are employed in these studies, including DNA and pollen measurements. The work on the evolution of South Indian crust and formation of associated mineral deposits using geochemical and isotopic data continues. Work has also been started to understand weathering and soil formation, material transfer and associated geochemical differentiation by surface earth processes. Geochemical research to understand fertility status of flood plain sediments taking Kaveri river basin as a type area has also been initiated. Geo-chemistry and hydrology of Himalayan glacier in the Garhwal Himalayas is another area of study.'The work focusses on Dokriani Bamak and Gangotri glaciers with reference to chemical and sediment transfer in the upper reaches of the Ganga watershed. The studies are part of an all India coordinated research on the Himalayan glaciers. The School is developing research activities dealing with remote sensing techniques with special reference to groundwater exploration and mineral resources. This work is in collaboration with National Remote Sensing Agency.

Area II Faculty

Prof. S.  Mukherjee

Prof. A.L.  Ramanathan

Prof. N. Janardhana  Raju - Convener

Dr. Neelam Siva  Siddaiah

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Tiwari