National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

We are glad to inform you that our nomination for 2021 Fall Semester (or 2021-2022 Whole Academic Year) Incoming Exchange Programs begins.

With the nomination you can finish them from the following link: https://forms.gle/TXnszB4HV4WJ9io3A

There are some important points that we would like to notice:

²  Nomination Date: From March 1- April 2

²  Application Date: From April 6-April 20

²  Exchange Period: Fall Semester (Sep. 2021 – Jan. 2022)/Spring Semester (Feb. – Jun. 2022)/ Whole Academic Year (Sep. 2021- Jun. 2022)

²  Benefits: (1) Tuition Waiver (The fees of mandatory insurance and accommodation are not included. Student need to pay both fees by  themselves.)

                          (2) Monthly stipend will be offered upon budget availability and qualification of students.

²  Number of students accepted: Depends on the MOU

²  Contact Information:

Ms. Christina Cheng (Northeast Asia, Europe and Africa) yccheng@nchu.edu.tw

Ms. Rei Chu(Asia and Oceania) rei12345@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Ms. Tina Hsu (America and Mainland China) tinahsu@dragon.nchu.edu.tw


MCI, Austria


Summer Program in 2021 ONLINE!


The program will take place from May 25th  – June 18th, 2021.


  Courses:  All courses are best suited for undergraduate students and students can select courses from both disciplines.  During the summer program students will have the possibility to attend up to 4 courses, a minimum of 3 courses is a pre-requisite.


In order to facilitate the participation of students from overseas, especially from Nord-and South America, the courses will take place from 14:00 CET to 21:00 CET.


Attached you will find promotional materials (our poster and flyer) with more details. Of course you can also find the information online: https://international.mci.edu/en/students/mci-summer-program


If you have interested candidates, please email me their nominations by March 31st 2021.






National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)!


Our exchange online application system will require your institution to complete online nomination from February 1 to April 1 at the link below.
(Please note the link will be able to access only during the nomination period.)


Our exchange program applications start from February 1 to April 15, 2021. Late, ineligible or incomplete application will not be processed.

University of Strasbourg (France) !


Nominations for first semester 2021 (intake September 2021), second semester (intake January 2022) and full academic year 2021-22 (from September 2021 to January 2022). You will find attached our lastest factsheet.

Nominations and applications have to be received before May 7th, 2020 (for full year and first semester) and by Ocotber 1st, 2021 (for second semester).


Please fill and send the attached nomination sheet to : dri-students-exchange-outside-europe@unistra.fr


Please send the application link to your nominated students : https://unistra.moveonfr.com/locallogin/60141cfc25258145b828cd97/fra
We will not send the application link directly to your student.


Once the students have filled the online application, the home institution coordinator sends the application package to :
dri-students-exchange-outside-europe@unistra.fr before May 7th, 2021.

 APPLICATION PACKAGE (one single PDF document per applicant) :

 - Application form with picture ;
- Certificate of French language skills: Please check the level required for each program with the international coordinator in the faculty in Strasbourg;
- Copy of ID;
- Cover letter in French or English ;
-  Transcript of records of the previous years of study ;
- Learning agreement (attached to this message).

To fill the learning agreement, the students are invited to :

1) Consult the list of programs in each faculty : https://www.unistra.fr/fileadmin/upload/unistra/international/catalogue_de_cours/1Cours_des_composantes_grille_de_notationversion_du_08_04_20_version_web.pdf
2) Contact the international coordinator in the faculty in Strasbourg :  https://www.unistra.fr/international/partir-a-linternational/etudiants/correspondants-relations-internationales-dans-les-facultes-ecoles-instituts

Welcome Guide :
- In French : https://www.unistra.fr/guide-welcome#c141961
- In English : https://www.unistra.fr/guide-welcome#c141964

University of Zurich


Pleased to announce  UZH International Summer Schools 2021 (virtual edition), which will take place 4 - 23 July 2021. Each program offers 6 ECTS credits and is open to Bachelor and Master students from all subject areas.

We delivered our summer schools online in 2020 due to the global pandemic. The students' feedback was overwhelmingly positive: 95% of the students were highly satisfied with the organization of our programs and 93% particularly liked the multidisciplinary approach of the summer schools. Building on this invaluable experience and given that there are likely still some travel restrictions in place, we decided to go online again in summer 2021.

We encourage your students to apply to us directly: Application is now open and will close on 25 April 2021. To apply, students should first complete our registration form. The 5 easy steps of our new application process are listed on our brand new website www.summerschools.uzh.ch

Programs on offer include:

Deep Dive into Blockchain - Linking Economics, Technology and Law
For a full understanding of Blockchain, with all its implications and potential for application in practice, it is absolutely crucial to look at it from a multidisciplinary perspective. In this Summer School, students will understand the three key pillars of blockchain systems, namely the technology, the economics and the legal aspects behind it. Building on this, they will then explore other fields of application, such as forensics and data analytics. This program is highly interactive, with hands-on practice sessions incorporating the most advanced and promising blockchain-based platforms.
Tuition Fee: 1,500 Swiss Francs

Finance for the Future: Investments, Sustainable Finance and FinTech
This Summer School will focus on the past, present and future development of the Swiss financial system and wealth management in Switzerland. Students will enhance their knowledge in macroeconomics and finance. Furthermore, they will learn about the most recent and promising trends in FinTech and Sustainable Finance, and will apply their gained knowledge in a portfolio management game. This program not only offers the unique opportunity to get insights by leading experts in academia and business, but also to explore Zurich - one of the most important financial centers in the world.
Tuition Fee: 1,500 Swiss Francs

Leadership in the Future of Work
From large corporations to government, international organizations and renowned academic institutions - everyone wants to know what the future of work will bring. And not few claim that they already do. But which forecasts and predictions really hold? How can we distinguish substance from noise? Which topics really matter? And what actions can or should we take in our own lives to create the version of the future that we actually want? This Summer School explores the future of work from a range of different angles and perspectives and offers students a chance to reflect on their own role as future leaders. With a mix of instruction and hands-on exercises, students will discover ways to better understand, prepare for, and ultimately shape the future of work.
Tuition Fee: 1,500 Swiss Francs

What Defines a Country's Success? Switzerland's Experience in Comparison
This Summer School looks at the development of Switzerland in comparison with other successful small countries. Students will explore singularities, similarities and remarkable differences, which will help them to understand whether ther is one recipe for political survival and economic success, or if there are many different development paths. The course will examine which historical, sociological and political factors have to be taken into account when explaining a country's success. This will also help to understand why countries react differently to crises such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
Tuition Fee: 1,500 Swiss Francs

Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS)


Two Calls for Applications of the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS)

Call for Applications for the Master´s Programme Transcultural Studies (MATS) which is taught at the HCTS. The MATS is a two-year research-oriented, interdisciplinary programme in the humanities and social sciences with a trans regional focus. Students can now apply for the Winter Semester 2021/22 and the deadline for applications is 15th June 2021.


Second, the HCTS invites applications for three PhD-scholarships in its Graduate Programme in Transcultural Studies. These scholarships amount to 1200 Euros per month and are issued for a total period of three years. While the starting date for one of these scholarships is 1st June 2021, the other two will start on 1st October 2021. For all three scholarships, the deadline for applications is 14th February 2021.


National Chengchi University!


Global Talent Internship Program: Green Technology (Sustainability) X Biotechnology (Smart Healthcare) is open for application!


The internship program will take place from June 28 to August 25, 2021. During the 8-week internship, the students can choose to enter one of the leading laboratory in Taiwan’s top universities, national labs, and corporations. Also, they will have the opportunities to participate in featured speeches, corporate visits, as well as language & cultural experiences that GASE (Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement) offered. We would appreciate it if you kindly pass this message to your students who might be interested in.


Eligible participants of the program will receive subsidy from MOST, Taiwan for the amount of approximately US$1,500 to cover program fees, travel insurance and accommodation. And students who are nominated by you will gain extra points in the selection.


For further details please refer to the attachment or the official website: http://gasesummer.most.ntu.edu.tw/.


Application Deadline: March 26, 2021


For any queries, contact Ms. Lisa HOU gaselisahou@ntu.edu.tw

University of Tokyo, Japan

Our fee-based program is basically a fee-based version of the exchange program. For exchange partners, if you would like to send us students exceeding the number on the exchange agreement, please use this program.

*Program Information (Fact sheet, Application guide, Application form)  
*Japanese Language and Culture Courses
*Various courses (Faculty of Letters, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, Law, Regional Development Studies and International Tourism Management)

*GPA requirement: 2.5/4.0 scale

*Our important deadlines are as follows:

- Online Nominations by Coordinators : - March 1 (Japan time)
Link: https://www.toyo.ac.jp/en/forms/international/Fee-based-program-nomination-form
- Online Registration by Applicants: - March 5 (Japan time)
Link: https://www.toyo.ac.jp/en/forms/international/Fee-based-program-online-application-form

- Submission of Application Documents : March 11 - 24 (Japan time)

After students complete the online registration, we will send an email with instructions on how to pay the application fee and submit the application documents.

The format for fall 2021 courses at Toyo (online, on campus, or hybrid) has not been determined. As information about fall 2021 and the study abroad program becomes available, we will keep you updated.

Adjusting to life in another culture is difficult in ways that students don't always anticipate. Even students who have no history with mental/emotional issues experience serious challenges. We remain committed to supporting all study abroad students as best we can; however, it is difficult for us to provide the level of support to which some students are accustomed. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you nominate students who are not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally prepared to succeed in this program.

University of Zurich


Student Exchange program

The students should submit the applications alongwith documents to the International Collaboration Office through their Chairperson and Dean of the Schools latest by February 15, 2021.


Mobility for the students from the Namaste+ partner institutions to the Georg-August Universität Göttingen


If you are a master or PhD student from the listed Indian Namaste+  partner institutions and would like to study/research for a semester at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, please read this call

Master students and PhD candidates may take courses and/or research in English and therefore German language knowledge is not required. Here is a list of the English programs offered by the University of Göttingen.


Deadline December 6, 2020


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) New Delhi


We would like to inform you about the upcoming digital event- Indo-German Research Day on 3rdDecember 2020.


The event will offer you a platform for further enhancing the internationalization of your institution. This event is organised by German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New Delhi which is led by the DAAD.
The event will give you insights into offers for research, research cooperation, funding lines for individuals and projects for joint research facilitated by Indian and German agencies.

Take the opportunity to explore the German research landscape and Indo-German Cooperation through

a) A virtual fair section: visit and interact with universities, representatives of research councils, researchers, research institutes and funding bodies from Germany and India.

b) Panel Discussions and Q&A: Get insights into the German research landscape by German university representatives, Alumni, research institutes and funding bodies from India and Germany.

c) Networking area: Meet researchers and science managers from Germany, get to know institutions engaged in cooperation with Germany and have one-one chats with them.


Registration and participation are free of cost.

For a list of participating institutes, registration and more details see: https://www.dwih-newdelhi.org/kjmTN

France Tour

ENS Lyon (www.ens-lyon.fr/en) will be taking part in the virtual Choose France Tour event organised by the French Embassy, the French Institute in India, together with Campus France. The event is scheduled on Friday & Saturday, 6-7 November 2020, from 4:00 - 9:00 pm IST.


The Choose France Tour will take place on a virtual platform with various spaces to connect, including virtual booths to interact with schools, live chat & one-on-one meetings, and virtual auditoriums for live presentations. ENS Lyon will showcase a  live presentation (with a Q&A session for students) on Friday 6 November from 7:30 PM to 7:50 PM (IST).


For more information: https://cft.ifindia.in/




(Summer semester April – August 2021 or winter semester October 2021 - February 2022)


Click for details


The deadline for submission of the applications is December 6, 2020

Office of International Cooperation of National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan


The NCCU Elite Scholarship Program provides a full tuition waiver and a monthly living stipend, particularly for 2021 Fall Admission. Information for International Degree Students for Fall 2021 admissions is available at the NCCU and OIC websites beginning January 12, 2021. Applications are accepted from February 2021 to March 19, 2021.


 Applicants must meet the following criteria:

※ Currently serving as lecturer at a public or private college/university in Southeast or South Asia.

※ Holding a passport from one of the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Bhutan.

 The NCCU Elite Scholarship Program provides a full tuition waiver and a monthly living stipend for two years (Master’s program) or three years (Doctoral program), ensuring that international students can focus all their attention and energy on their studies.


These programs present a valuable opportunity for lecturers to pursue further study, thus enhancing their future research and teaching performance. Complete information is available at the links provided below, and we are happy to respond to direct inquiries addressed to Sasha at nccugrad@nccu.edu.tw.

- NCCU International Admission

- Elite Scholarship Program 



Siberian Instituteof Management -a branch of RANEPA


International Summer School of Russian Language 2021, which is located in Novosibirsk.

Our school is a great opportunity to plunge into the culture of Russia, enjoy the nature of Siberia, immerse yourself in the language environment, and improve your knowledge of the Russian language.

You can find detailed information in the attachment or on the SIM RANEPA website [https://siu.ranepa.ru].




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Coventry University

Coventry University as a part of its commitment with Association of Commonwealth Universities is offering two fellowship programmes for faculty of partner Universities.

Details of the fellowship programme is available at the following link https://www.acu.ac.uk/funding-opportunities/for-university-staff/fellowships/acu-fellowships/coventry-university-fellowships/

Virtual Tour


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Collaborate with UTS academics in your research area.

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Summer Program at National Chung Hsing University Taiwan!

The 2020 NCHU’s GSG program is catered towards domestic and international participants from the senior undergraduate to graduate level.

Participants are expected to cover their own transportation costs to the NCHU campus, including round-trip airfare and local transportation in Taiwan. NCHU will cover all other expenses, including meals, accommodation, and academic and extracurricular activities.

After finishing the courses, participating students receive the opportunity to acquire academic credits after completing the program.

This program has maximum capacity of 45 participants.
If students would like to join the program, please send your application documents and materials to: nchugsg@gmail.com and put "Apply for GSG Program" as the title.


Contact Information:
Office of International Affairs
National Chung Hsing University
No 145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung, 40227, Taiwan
Tel: +886 4 2284 0206
Fax: +886 4 2285 7313
Email: oia@nchu.edu.tw


Turkiye Scholarships 2020

Turkey: Home of Education offers full-time or short-time programs.

Details: http://www.turkiyescholarships.gov.tr

"If Students have any further questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Gous Mashkoor Khan, Assistant Professor, Turkish Teacher in School of Language Literature and Culture Studies, Mobile No: 9891061210.



SOAS University of London

Academic Summer School 2020



Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia!


This year the Russian Scholarship Program Association “Global Universities” is conducting an international competition for prospective master’s students - “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project”. We would like to share with you this great opportunity that gives a chance and reward to talented students to receive full tuition scholarship for studying in the master’s degree programs at one of Russia’s leading universities, including Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

The awardees who decide to pursue their master’s studies at FEFU may choose among the following programs:

The detailed information on the Competition can be found at https://www.dvfu.ru/en/open_doors/


State Government of Victoria


La Trobe University is delighted to inform you that entries are now open to an annual innovation competition for students called the Technology Infusion Grand Challenge


Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (AYLTLC) 2020


Prospective applicants may also access our website at www.ayltlc.com


Beijing Normal University requesting assistant for international students enrollment
For more information, please visit: https://brs.bnu.edu.cn/english/picnews/72954.htm and to apply, please visit: http://apply.bnu.edu.cn

Fulbright-Nehru, Fulbright-Kalam, and other Fulbright fellowships for study, research, teaching and professional development in the U.S.

For details CLICK HERE