Daycare Centre

The JNUTA EC at its meeting on 13 November, 2013 decided to raise monthly fee of the Day Care Centre.

The revised fees structure is mentioned below:

Rs. 2000/- per child (whole day)

Rs.1500/- per child (half day)

The new fees will be effective from December ,2013.

We seek your cooperation for amooth functioning of the Day care Centre.

Day care notice:

The Day Care Centre is one of the important social responsibilities that JNUTA is shouldering for the benefit of the whole JNU community. We have been striving to improve its maintenance and functioning.

In view of the overall inflation the last JNUTA EC decided to increase the monthly charges from Rs 1000 to 2000 (full day) and from 750 to 1500 for half day for each child. This is still less than any other day care facility in South Delhi. We also decided to raise the remuneration of the day care employees as follows:

Supervisor: 40 percent of the collection with a ceiling of Rs 12000 per month.

Worker/ attendant: 25 percent of the collection with a ceiling of Rs 7000/- per month.

It was also decided that if there is sufficient balance from the the previous year we may think of giving bonus for the last year in view of the fact that the payment was less than government approved minimum wages.