A new academic research Centre at JNU which is also the first transdisciplinary research Centre has finally arrived on the JNU turf. The academic environment at JNU is already multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary at every center but the new center which has been given the name ‘Special Centre for Disaster Research’ is transdisciplinary in nature. Transdisciplinarity suggests that the nature of research would not be confined to strict parent disciplines of social sciences or natural sciences but transcend their boundaries and limitations to absorb both the scientific findings which provoke decision making and social sciences sensitivities to decipher and direct these findings to communities and institutions of decision making. The three key functional areas are, first; natural sciences, GIS and satellite imagery, second; communities, institutions and legal framework of decision making, third; administration and government agencies in disaster management.


National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) signed a MoU with JNU on 6th August 2015 in the presence of the Hon’ble Minister of State Shri Kiren Rijiju. The MoU suggested that the two institutions should strengthen academic institutions for a much-wanted research on disasters. The JNU team from six centers was already working on it after the Uttarakhand disaster in 2011.  Under the 12th Plan, which mandates for universities to take up research in disasters, the study became a programme, but the wings to research came when this programme got the support of MHA.