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Public Notice on ‘Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Graduate Degrees -2018-2019

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 02/10/10 Hangeul Day Celebration 2016 Event Application Forms/Details
 Essay Competition / More Details
 Singing Competition
 Quiz Contest

 CKS Notice

 31/08/2016 HUFS Student Exchange program for 2017 Spring Regular Semester Click Here CKS Notice
 10/02/2016             I Sessional Timetable (Winter 2016) Click Here CKS Notice
 9/02/2016         Theatre Competition, Amity Youth Festival 2016 Details / Poster CKS Notice
 9/02/2016 KDI GKS-KGSP Scholarship Guidelines Application Scholarship Info
 19/01/2016 24th AKS Summer Program for International Students Details Application Form CKS Notice
 14/01/2016 46th TOPIK Click here CKS Notice
 11/01/2016 CKS Time Table for Winter 2016 Click Here CKS Notice
 17/08/2015 [KDI School] Full Scholarship for Masters/PhD KDIS Leaflet_Spring2016
 Application Guideline
 Scholarship Info
 28/07/2015 Class Timetable - Monsoon 2015 Click Here CKS Notice
 29/06/2015 Ministry of Youth Affairs - 2 Weeks Korea Visit Click Here CKS Notice
 17/03/2015 BUFS Scholarship Adv. Click Here CKS Notice
 16/03/2015 Guidelines for Exchange Students at SNU English / Korean CKS Notice
 10/03/2015  2015 GKS-AKS International Student Recruitment for 2015 Fall Semester Eng / Kor CKS Notice
 10/3/2015 KDI Korean Govt. Scholarship Click Here CKS Notice
 09/02/2015 1st Sessional Timetable Click Here CKS Notice
 30/01/2015              BUFS Scholarship Click Here CKS Notice
 30/01/2015 Final Timetable with Classrooms Click Here          CKS Notice
 09/01/2015 Timetable with Classrooms (tentative) Click Here CKS Notice
 19/11/2014 Monsoon 2014 End Semester Exam Timetable Click here CKS Notice
 07/11/2014 Timetable 3rd Sessional (Monsoon 2014) Click Here CKS Notice
 30/10/2014 AKS Admission Guide for International Students - Spring 2015- Click here Scholarship
 30/10/2014 2015 AKS Graduate Fellowship (6 Months) Click Here Scholarship
 25/09/2014 SFC Elections 2014 Click here CKS Notice
 23/09/2014 All India Korean Language Speech Contest 2014 / Application form Click here CKS Notice
 12/09/2014 KGSP GLOBAL KOREA SCHOLARSHIP 2015 (Undergraduate Course) Click Here Scholarship
 12/09/2014 1st Sessional Timetable (Monsoon 2014) Click here             CKS Notice
 08/09/2014 KDI Full Scholarship (Spring 2015) Click Here Scholarship
 05/09/2014 New Time Table for Monsoon Semester 2014 Click Here  CKS Notice
 04/08/2014 International Conference Click Here CKS Notice
 28/7/2014 Timetable for Monsoon Semester 2014 Click here CKS Notice
 28/7/2014 36th TOPIK (last date to apply Aug 4) Click Here TOPIK
 11/3/2014 2nd Sessional (winter 2014) Time Table Click here     CKS Notice
 05/3/2014 Scholarships 2014 (NIIED/AKS) Click here Scholarship
 05/3/2014 HUFS International Summer Session Click here Scholarship
 12/2/2014 Reg. Ceragem Recruitment Click Here Job/Internship
 6/2/2014 34th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Poster / Application Form CKS Notice
 27/1/2014 M.A. II Yr Dissertation Course/Supervisors Click Here CKS Notice
 11/1/2014 Openings at TCS/Oracle Click Here Job/Internship
 9/1/2014 CKS Winter Semester- 2014 Class Time Table Click here  CKS Notice
 8/1/2014 Research Intern Advt for Ongoing Translation training Program Click Here Job/Internship
 21/11/2013 End Semester Exam Schedule - Monsoon 2013 Click Here CKS Notice
 7/11/2013 Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY) Details Study Abroad
 7/11/2013 2014년 봄학기 영남대학교 박정희정책새마을대학원 신입생 추천 요청의 건‏
 Admission Guidelines / Application Form
 20/10/2013 2nd Sessional Time Table Click Here CKS Notice
 15/10/2013 AKS - Int'l Student Recruitment (Spring 2014) Details Scholarship
 7/10/2013 40 Years of Japanese & Korean Studies at JNU Programme Event
 7/10/2013 Korean Language Interpreter (Urgent Requirement) Details Job
 2/10/2013 KTO's 'WOW KOREA SUPPORTER' Event Click Here for Details Event
 2/10/2013 6th All India Korean Language Speech Contest (Application deadline : 10th Oct 2013)
 Details and Application Form
 18/9/2013    Korean Interpreter Position (Ceragem India Pvt. Ltd.) Details Job
 2013 Video Contest about Korea; Deadline extended till 7/8/2013. 
 1st Sessional (Monsoon 2013) to be held from 16th to 18th Sept. 2013. 
 Click here for TimeTable
 CKS Notice 
 Hangul Day Celebrations to be held from Oct. 8th to 10th, 2013. 
 Click here for Programme
 CKS Event
 Time Table for Monsoon Semester - 2013 Click here
 CKS Notice