CKS Programme of Study


B.A. Programme

The courses in B.A. Programme are designed in such a way that at the end of three years the students would have acquired not only a sound knowledge of the language but also of the culture, customs, society and literary history of Korea. As the writing system of Korean is different from other languages, a considerable amount of time during B.A. first year is devoted to mastering the basic skills like speaking, reading and writing Korean, besides laying the foundation for grammar. From the second year onwards a course in Hanja, the Chinese characters used along with Korean, is also introduced. Besides these, tool courses in English on the culture, history, geography and society of Korea are also offered to the first and second year students. Courses on translation, interpretation, literature etc. are also offered in the second and third years.

Besides these core courses and tool courses, students of B.A. programme are expected to complete a minimum of 24 credits in the optional courses offered by other schools and centres in the University.  For the award of B.A. (Hons.) degree, a student has to complete a minimum of 68 credits in core courses, 10 credits in Tool Courses and 24 credits in optional courses.

M.A. Programme

The M.A. courses in Korean programme are designed with an objective of taking the students to the high level of language skills through intensive and specialised lectures on literature, culture, society, history, linguistics, translation and interpretation. Textual analysis, criticism and appreciation of literary texts, translation, interpretation and analysis of current affairs are some of the specialized courses in M.A. programmes.

For the award of M.A. degree, a student has to complete minimum 64 credits.


The M.Phil. Programme is of four semesters.  The first two semesters are for course work. A student of expected to complete four courses carrying 4 credits each as part of their course work and submit a dissertation (8credits) latest by the end of the fourth semester for the award of M.Phil. Degree.

A student who has scored a CGPA of 6 or above, on a 9-point scale, in his/her M.Phil. Degree, can register for a Ph.D. degree. The Ph.D degree will be awarded to the research scholar upon his/her completion of a thesis in the field of his/her choice.

Certificate of Proficiency in Mongolian Language

The Centre also offers a part-time, one year Certificate of Proficiency course in Mongolian language.