NEISP Publications

Lipokmar Dzuvichu, G. Amarjit Sharma and Manjeet Baruah (ed.), Fixity and Fluidity: History, Politics and Culture in North East India (Workshop Proceedings), NEISP, JNU, New Delhi, 2016.

Tiplut Nongbri and A.S. Shimreiwung (ed.), Migration, Identity and Conflict, New Delhi, Rawat, 2017 (book based on the NEISP research project "Other in the City").


Publication of Jayashree Roy Memorial Lectures

David R. Syiemlieh, Colonialism and Christian Missions in North East India, NEISP, JNU, New Delhi, 2013.

P.D. Rai, Consolidating Peace Through Development, NEISP, JNU, New Delhi, 2013.

Felix Padel, Identity and Ecosystems in Northeast India: Challenges from Rapid Changes, NEISP, New Delhi,2014.

Gunnel Cederlöf, Corridors, Networks, and Pathways in India's Colonial Northeast, NEISP, New Delhi,2015.

Tanka B. Subba, Migration, ILP and AFSPA in India's Northeast: A Ringside View, NEISP, JNU, New Delhi (forthcoming).


Occasional Paper Series

Apurba Baruah, Ethnic Identities and Middle Class Hegemony in North-East India, Occasional Paper, NEISP/OP/15-1, New Delhi, 2015.

Samir Kumar Das, India's Northeast and the Cultural Historiography of Difference, Occasional Paper , NEISP/OP/16-1, New Delhi, 2016.

Hiren Gohain, Endemic Violence in the Northeast, Occasional Paper, NEISP/OP/16-2, New Delhi, 2016.

Tiplut Nongbri, Locating Indigenous People of North East India, Occasional Paper, NEISP, New Delhi, 2015 (forthcoming).



Presently, the NEISP library contains a modest collection of books and materials on the North East India covering various themes and disciplines. The library is open for consultation on all working days. Borrowing facility is also available for students and researchers of JNU as per University norms.


Archive and Documentation

NEISP plans to set up Archival and Documentation centre for researchers working on North East India and its neighbouring areas. The resources will comprise private papers, visual and audio-visual materials, reports and data bank of resources which scholars can visit as part of their studies on North East India.


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