Seminars Conferences Workshops

International/National/Regional Seminars/Conferences/Workshops


2019:   International Young Scholar’s Conference on ‘Margins and Connections’, 7–8 February.

2019:   National Colloquium on ‘Illegal Migration and NRC: Lessons from North East India’, sponsored by ICSSR, 24–25 January.

2018:   International conference on ‘Between Empires: The Making and Unmaking of Borders, 19th–20th Century’, 1–2 February.

2015:   National Conference on ‘Understanding North East India: ‘Exception’ and Beyond’, 16–18 November.

2015:   National Conference on ‘Rethinking Development: Challenges in North East India’, jointly organised withOmeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati, 30–31 July.

2015:   National Conference, on ‘Framing a Region: New Perspectives on North East India’, organised in collaboration with JNIAS, held on 25–27 March.

2014:   International Conference on ‘State and Society in North East India,’ 26–28 February.

2013: National workshop on ‘Fixity and Fluidity: History, Politics and Culture of North East India’, 18–20 March.