Jayashree Roy Memorial Lectures Publications

Jayashree Roy Memorial Lectures Publications:


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  • Subba, Tanka B. 2017. ‘Migration, ILP and AFSPA in India’s Northeast: A Ringside View’.New Delhi: NEISP, JNU

  • Cedelof, Gunnel. 2016. ‘Corridors, Networks, and Pathways in India’s Colonial Northeast’. New Delhi: NEISP, JNU

  • Padel, Felix. 2015. ‘Identity and Ecosystems in Northeast India: Challenges from Rapid Changes’, New Delhi: NEISP, JNU

  • Rai, P.D. 2014. ‘Consolidating Peace through Development’,New Delhi: NEISP, JNU

  • Syiemlieh, David R. 2013. ‘Colonialism and Christian Missions in North East India’, New Delhi: NEISP, JNU