Kannada Language Chair organizes a seminar on Idea of Karnataka

Event From Date: 
Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Event End Date: 
Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Event Title: 
Kannada Language Chair organizes a seminar on Idea of Karnataka
Event Details: 

Kannada Language Chair

Centre of Indian Languages, SLL&CS, JNU

In association with

Kannada and Culture Department, Bangalore


Organizes Seminar on


Idea of Karnataka


Releasing the Biography of

Amirbai Karnataki and


Cultural programs

November 27, 2018  11 AM onwards

Convention Centre, audi-1, JNU



N R Vishukumar, Director, Bangalore

Sathish Deshpande, Delhi University

A R Vasavi, Bangalore

Gobind Prasad, JNU

Janaki Nayar, JNU

Nagesh Hegde, Bangalore

Vinaya Okkunda, Dharwad

Rahmat Tarikere, Hampi

Muzafar Asadi, Raichur

Nataraj Huliyar, Bangalore

Purushottama Bilimale, JNU

Vasantha Shetty Bellare,  Delhi

Shrinivas G Kappanna, Bangalore

Guru Shubha Dhananjaya, Bangalore


All are invited

Theme of the seminar:

The main purpose of this seminar is to get some answers for - Is Karnataka given its long history of absorbing and incorporating religious, ethnic and linguistic differences, among the most uniquely poised of Indian states to provide some lessons for the future of the composite Indian nation? To begin with the region -- its cultural legacies, its social histories, its experiments in governance since at least the 18th century, and its institutional structures  -- would be a more fruitful way of developing the tools for imagining a new world, and the political structures and forms that would enable a creative response to contemporary challenges. Rather than this being an exercise in yet again staking regional pride or primacy as a ‘development model’ , a critical look at aspects of Karnataka’s ‘worlds’, and the Kannada cosmos, particularly in the modern period, would include an assessment of how the region’s challenges, and even its conflictual pasts, have been met, managed or remained unanswered  in the process of living together in a time of democracy.

The proposed one day seminar will be attended by the scholars of literature, history, economics, culture and politics, as well as cultural and social practitioners, who work and write in both Kannada and English, which could possibly lead to longer term collaborative projects and outcomes.