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Circular reg. COVID-19 guidelines

Press Note dt: 16-02-2021

Notification reg. Phase-VIII and Phase-IX of re-opening of the campus

Further extension of ongoing registration for Winter Semester 2021

Extension of ongoing registration for Winter Semester 2021

Notification reg. Phase-VII re-opening of the campus

Circular dt: 29-01-2021

OO reg. re-appointment of Rector

OO reg. re-appointment of Rector-II

OO reg. re-appointment of Rector-III

Circular for Winter Semester 2021 registration for continuing students

Notification dt: 25-01-2021

SOP on preventive measures in the Canteen of AGH/ICH to contain spread of COVID-19

Notification dt: 14-01-2021

Swami Vivekananda Memorial Lecture

Press Release dt: 12-01-2021

Notice from Apex Committee, JNU

Circular dt: 08-01-2021

Winter Semester Registration extended till 15th January 2020

Circular - Wall of Democracy

Notice dt: 02-01-2020

IHA Circular dt: 01-01-2020

Corrigendum dt: 31-12-2019

Press Release dt: 04-01-2021

Circular dt: 31-12-2020

Online Registration of New Students

Circular regarding extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil/M.Tech/Ph.D students

Notification reg. Phase-IV reopening of the campus

Circular dt: 22-12-2020

Press Note dt: 21-12-2020

Circular reg. Apex Committee of NEP

Notification reg. fake notification dt:14-12-2020

Circular regarding extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil/M.Tech/Ph.D students

Notification reg. online admission of new students

Request for Extension of Deadline for Thesis Submission

Notification reg. Phase-III of re-opening of JNU dt: 01-12-2020

Press Note dt: 25-11-2020

Circular reg. COVID-19 Testing Camp dt: 24-11-2020

Press Note reg. Fourth Convocation 2020

Notice reg. Extension of the date of registration for the 4th Convocation

Unveiling of Statue of Swami Vivekanand by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Notice on Covid-19 cases

Covid Testing Camp

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Corrigendum to Notification dt: 21-10-2020

Notice reg. 4th Convocation of the University

Circular reg. Implemention of eWizard System

Notification dt: 21-10-2020

Press Note dt: 20-10-2020

Notice dt: 18-10-2020

Notice dt: 17-10-2020

Notification dt: 17-10-2020

An Appeal to Students dt: 17-10-2020

An Appeal dt: 15-10-2020

DoS letter for Hostel Presidents dt:10-10-2020

Circular dt: 09-10-2020

Circular dt: 08-10-2020

Circular from Security Branch

Letter from UGC reg. Academic Session 2020-21

UGC Guidelines on Academic Calendar

University IT Service Downtime Notification

OM: APAR on SPARROW of Group-A officers

Circular dt: 17-09-2020

हिंदी दिवस 2020 के अवसर पर माननीय कुलपति जी की अपील

Circular reg. Add/Drop courses

Notice reg. Fourth Convocation of the University

Registration issues reg. terminal PhD scholars and 9 (B) cases

Circular reg. extension of registration for Monsoon Semester 2020

Notification dt:31-08-2020

Circular dt: 28-08-2020

Notification dt:24-08-2020

Notice dt: 20-08-2020

Circular reg. Flag Hoisting Ceremony (in Hindi)

Circular reg. Students registration for Monsoon Semester 2020

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Circular from Engineering department

COVID-19 Testing Camp at Saraswatipuram

Press Note reg. HEFA dt: 04-08-2020

Notification dt: 31-07-2020

Circular (in hindi) dt: 29-07-2020

Circular dt: 29-07-2020

Circular reg. registration, submission of dissertation/thesis etc. dt: 24-7-2020

Circular reg. online submission of dissertation/thesis dt: 23-7-2020

Circular reg. COVID-19 Testing Camp extension

Notice dt: 17-7-2020

Circular dt: 08-07-2020

Letter from the Vice-Chancellor dt: 05-07-2020

Notification dt: 02-07-2020

Notification dt: 30-06-2020

Circular dt: 19-06-2020

Message from Vice Chancellor reg. NIRF ranking

Norice reg. COVID-19 dt:09-06-2020

IHA Circular dt: 08-06-2020

Circular reg. process of evaluation

Circular dt: 07-06-2020

An Appeal dt: 05-06-2020

Clarification-Notification from Evaluation Branch

Notification from Evaluation Branch

Notification dt: 01-06-2020

Graduate Aptitude Test- Biotechnology (GAT-B) 2020

Press Note dt: 25-05-2020

Notification dt: 21-05-2020

Notification dt: 18-05-2020

Public Notice - Redressal of Grievances Related to COVID-19 Pandemic

An Appeal from Vice-Chancellor dt:10-05-2020

Circular reg. use of Aarogyasetu App

Academic Calendar (Monsoon Semester 2020-21)

Downloading the Aarogya Setu App

Notification dt: 03-05-2020

Press Release dt: 02-05-2020

UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar

Effective use of 'Aarogyasetu' App

Notification dt: 24-04-2020

Press Release dt: 22-04-2020

Corrigendum-2: COVID-19 Task Force for BSL-3 Facility

Notice reg. strict compliance with covid19

Corrigendum: COVID-19 Task Force for BSL-3 Facility

Notification dt: 15-04-2020

Press Release dt: 15-04-2020

Press Note dt: 14-04-2020

Circular dt: 11-04-2020

Bharat Padhe Online

Notification dt: 10-04-2020

COVID-19 Task Force for BSL-3 Facility

Notification dt: 09-04-2020

Circular-II dt: 04-04-2020

An Appeal from the Vice-Chancellor dt:04-04-2020

Circular dt: 04-04-2020

COVID-19: Stay Safe

Notice dt: 02-04-2020

Notification dt: 01-04-2020

Circular dt: 31-03-2020

Date Extension of JNUEE 2020

Circular dt: 30-03-2020

An Appeal dt: 29-03-2020

Circular reg. donation of one day salary

Letter from the Vice-Chancellor dt: 26-03-2020

ICT initiatives of MHRD and UGC

Message from the Vice-Chancellor reg. COVID- dt: 25-03-2020

Notice dt: 23-03-2020

Circular dt: 22-03-2020

Preventive measures to achieve 'Social distancing'

Message from the Vice-Chancellor about COVID-19

Corrigendum dt: 19-03-2020

Notification dt: 19-03-2020

An Appeal to JNU Community

Notice reg. COVID-19 dt:16-03-2020

National Academic Depository @ JNU

Mass gatherings and Travel Advisory for COVID-19

Circular reg. COVID-19

Office Order - suspension of Biometric Attendance

Circular reg. soft copy of dissertations/thesis

Press Release reg. JNUEE 2020 entrance examination dt: 02-03-2020

Circular regarding emergency numbers dt: 27-02-2020

An Appeal to all the Alumni dt:18-02-2020

Press Note dt: 06-02-2020

High Court Order dt:04-02-2020

Circular - Wall of Democracy

Circular regarding Registration dt: 27-01-2020

Press Note reg. Media report dt: 22-01-2020

Press Note reg. RTI dt: 22-01-2020

Press Note dt: 18-01-2020

Press Note dt: 17-01-2020

Winter Semester Registration with late fine

Advisory dt: 13-01-2020

Winter Semester Registration extended till 15th January 2020

Notice dt: 11-01-2020

Winter Semester will begin from 13th January 2020

Circular reg. Service & Utility charges dt: 09-01-2020

Notice dt: 08-01-2020

Flowchart of Registration Process

Circular dt: 04-01-2020

Circular reg. extended of registration dt: 06-01-2020

Notice dt: 02-01-2020

IHA Circular dt: 01-01-2020

Corrigendum dt: 31-12-2019

Circular reg. Revised Hostel Fee dt:30-12-19

Circular reg. Revised Hostel Manual dt:30-12-19

A message from the Vice-Chancellor

Circular dt: 30-12-2019

Circular reg. alternative mode of conducting the end-sem. exam. dt:19-12-2019

Circular dt: 14-12-2019

Circular reg. meeting with Deans & Chairpersons dt:12-12-2019

Press Note reg. meeting with the Presidential Candidates dt:12-12-2019

Press Note dt: 12-12-2019

Circular reg. Court Order dt: 12-12-2019

Circular dt: 11-12-2019

Press Note dt: 09-12-2019

Circular dt: 08-12-2019

Circular dt: 06-12-2019

Interaction reg. Hostel matters

Press Note dt:05-12-2019

Note to the Students dt:04-12-2019

Circular for Students dt:03-12-2019

Circular dt: 29-11-2019

Circular dt: 28-11-2019

Notice dt: 28-11-2019

Circular on HLC recommendation reg. hostel charges dt: 25-11-2019

IHA High Level Committee dt: 24-11-2019

An Appeal to Faculty Members dt: 22-11-2019

Revised JNU Hostel Manual : Fact Sheet

An Appeal to JNU Students dt: 20-11-2019

An Appeal from the Vice-Chancellor to all the Students dt:17-11-2019

Circular to Students dt: 17-11-2019

To All Hostel Presidents dt: 14-11-2019

An Appeal to all Faculty and Staff members from the Vice-Chancellor

Press Note dt:13-11-2019

Press Note dt:11-11-2019

An Appeal to the Students Community dt: 08-11-2019

An Appeal to Stop Agitations and Start Studies dt: 07-11-2019

Notice dt: 06-11-2019

Appeal to the Students dt:04-11-2019

A note of Caution dt:03-11-2019

Press Note dt:01-11-2019

Notice dt: 30-10-2019

Notice dt: 29.10.19

Press Note dt: 28-10-2019

Notice from IHA dt: 28-10-19

Circular from JNU Security

No heavy vehicle entry except DTC and School buses

3rd Convocation of JNU scheduled on November 11, 2019

Circular from the office of the Vice Chancellor for JNU faculty

Press Note dt: 07-10-19

Press Note dt: 26-09-2019

Circular reg. submission of written complaint

New Security service provider took over the campus security

Changeover of Security Service Provider

Press Note dt: 16-09-2019

Circular from the office of the Vice Chancellor for JNU faculty

Press Release dt: 04-09-19

PMRF Scheme for Students

Circular on sticking of posters

Press Note dt: 19-07-2019

Circular regarding Third Convocation 2019

Circular reg. Grievance Redressal Mechanism for students

Circular reg. Registration under 9(B)

Circular reg. CGPA requirement for registration for BA Students

Circular for Non-Teaching Staff of JNU from the office of the Vice Chancellor

Letter to the JNU Alumnus from the JNU Vice-Chancellor

Press Note dt: 25-06-2019

Press Release dt: 12-06-19

प्रारूप राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति 2019

Draft Education Policy 2019

The Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007 

Press Note dt: 28-05-2019

Expresses deep condolences

DoA Press Release dt: 15-04-19

Circular from JNU Security

Press Note dt: 25-03-2019

Press Note dt: 20-03-2019

Message to Students, Staff and Faculty Members

Press Release dt: 15-03-2019

Circular regarding East Gate Excavation Work

Circular regarding Extra safety and security

Press Note: Swachh JNU App

Press Note dt: 13-02-2019

Press Note dt: 12-02-2019

Open House Meeting on 14th February 2019

An Appeal dt: 11-02-2019

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

An Appeal to the JNU Community

Press Note dt: 06-01-2019

Circular regarding security check

Notice dt:28-12-2018

Press Note dt: 18-12-18

An Appeal to JNU Community dt:16.12.2018

Press Note dt: 13-12-18

Circular regarding Reading Rooms in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Central Library

Circular for JNU faculty from the office of the Vice Chancellor

Press Note dt: 10-12-2018

Press Release dt: 07-12-18

Press Note on Celebration of Mahaparinirvana Diwas

Circular for Non-Teaching Staff from the office of the Vice Chancellor

Press Note dt: 05-12-2018

Press Note dt: 03-12-2018

Press Note dt: 30-11-2018

Circular from Acad.-I and Acad.-II

Press Note dt: 27-11-2018

Press Note dt: 26-11-2018

Press Note from the office of Finance Officer dt: 25-11-2018

Press Note dt: 25-11-2018

For the information of JNUTA & all members of JNU Community

Press Note dt: 22-11-2018

Press Note dt: 22-11-2018

Press Note dt: 20-11-2018

Circular regarding ICC Workshop

Water Circular

Press Note dt: 22-10-2018

Circular and the DSIR Certificate dt: 15-10-2018

Press Release dt:10-10-2018

Press Note 05-10-2018

Press Note - Inauguration of Bicycle Sharing & Swachh JNU Abhiyan

Surgical Strike Day-Press Note 29-09-2018

Press Release 24-09-2018

Press Note dt: 24-09-2018

Press Note dt: 20-09-2018

Press Release dt: 19-09-2018

Press note 18-09-2018

Circular regarding functioning of all academics activities

An Appeal dt:17-09-2018

Notice dt:17-09-2018

Press Note dt: 06-09-2018

Circular for Non-Teaching Staff

Circular for unclaimed vehicle

Circular regarding norms of functioning

Message to JNU Student Community

Press Note dt: 23-08-2018

An Appeal to JNU Community regarding Floods in Kerala

Notice Related to Photographs of 2nd Convocation

As per the court decision, all the stakeholders of the university are required to follow the rules related to students attendance

Press Note dt: 13/07/2018

Faculty meeting re-scheduled

Settlement of penalty imposed by Chief Proctor Office

Press Note regarding International day of Yoga 2018

Press Release dt: 21.05.2018

Implementation of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi order w.r.t. M.Phil/Ph.D Students

Information for students admitted to M.Phil./Ph.D.

Circular for JNU Faculty from office of the Vice-Chancellor

Circular regarding Viva-Voce through Video-conferencing

Supreme Court order on ICC

UGC granted JNU as Graded Autonomy (Category-I)

Message to JNU Community regarding E-Rickshaw Service dt 17.04.2018

ICC press release dt:16.04.2018

127th Birth Anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar dt:14.04.2018

Meeting with JNU Students dt: 12.04.18

Meeting with JNU Students dt: 10.04.18

Message to JNU Student Community dt 09.04.2018

An Appeal to the students of JNU dt: 08.04.2018

Circular for JNU students from office of the Vice-Chancellor

Press Note 28-03-2018

Letter to JNU Faculty dt:26.03.2018

Appeal to Protesting Teachers and Students dt:26.03.2018

JNUTA Strike

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Vice Chancellor
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110 067, India


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